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I am a life coach helping people like you create a winning mindset, manage stress, and live a purposeful life. Becoming unstack and breaking through obstacles is much easier with a coach in your corner.


The art of storytelling is as old as the history of humans walking the earth. I reflect on my life experiences and look for meaning to inspire my readers.

Check out my blog and published articles for my work on resilience, daily routines, setting goals and building new healthy habits. 

Who is Jay Martynov?

I am a technology manager and an accredited life coach from Sydney Australia helping busy professionals create right mindset, manage stress and live a great life filled with a purpose.

My coaching includes meditation, habits building and conversational models allowing you to gain clarity and understand yourself better. Find out more by the link below.

What people say

Jay has a unique way to connect and give me the advice I need to hear even if it is not what I want to hear. The trust we have built between us has been invaluable to my personal and professional growth over the last 6 months.”
Crina D
Marketing Manager
Jays coaching helped me to think productively and overcome my challenges. I now have clarity on my goal and habits that continue to help me with my progress. I see future in the positive view and look forward to grow more.“
Murat I
Business Owner
Jay helped me grow confidence and confront fears. I feel much more balanced and have control over my emotions. Seeing things from different perspective and structuring my career goals already changed my financial situation.
Jana R
Yoga Teacher

Featured Articles

Professionally trained

I completed accredited trainings in life coaching and NLP with reputable learning providers in Australia.

ICF Accredited

I hold the most recognised coaching accreditation with International Coach Federation requiring approved training and minimum coaching hours


I coached people from various professional backgrounds with challenges ranging from mindset and stress management to relationships and motivation

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