1000 Glass Full Reminders

Change Is Good

A long long time ago in a galaxy not far away even on the same planet where you are reading this the pace of life of slower. Most people used public transport because cars were expensive, shoes lasted a few years with a cobbler’s help here and there and even contacting a family member in

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Limitless Illusion

I learnt from my own experience that humans in general suck at imagining the consequences of today’s actions on a future version of us. This ability to peer into the future is affected by many factors like our biological wiring or our state of mind. Someone who is influenced by alcohol does not fear the

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Walk Your Journey

There is a lot of uncertainty in the air of my universe at the moment. Some of it is shared between us like wars, countries’ aggressive expansions and global threats. Some live in my immediate world of rising interest rates, team restructures and changes. The news of changes can be unsettling. Our body machinery wants

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Know Thyself

Self-awareness is invaluable. It is a humbling tool for personal development and growth. It is a doorway to understanding yourself and others. Without it, we are just primates running on autopilot of habitual thinking and doing. A lack of self-awareness can turn us into a wrecker ball smashing relationships, sabotaging careers and in some cases

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A Wrong Equation

Days filled with exciting activities are only a part of living usually taking place on weekends. For most people their weeks consist of going to work and dealing with the mundane. Where do we find glass-full reminders in the nine-to-five grind? Do we need to break away from the routine to have a great life?

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