1000 Glass Full Reminders

Driven By Passion

These days we are spoiled with abundant content from streaming services, social media and refusing to extinct dinosaur traditional television broadcasts. Back in the 80s, there were 6 buttons of choice on the front of the brown box housing a bulging glass tube. The upcoming movies and cartoons schedule was published in the local newspaper. […]

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Ultimate Walk Of Fame

Perception of time changes as we develop through life. Long waits in a queue and never-ending Mondays disappear into no-existence all thanks to our ability to see things in perspective (according to one of my favourite theories).  Its principle is simple. If you are just starting out in business and barely scrambling to stay afloat

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Kung Fu masters

Kung Fu Masters

“I did Kung Fu too,” said my workmate. “Which school?” – I replied with a question. She replied – “The one on Sussex Street!” “Me too!” I exclaimed in disbelief. We both started laughing. Before the advance of UFC and MMA the martial arts world was different. It was shrouded in mystery, had special rituals,

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