My Story

I am an IT manager and a Life coach from Sydney Australia helping professionals and business owners create the right mindset, manage stress and build a life filled with purpose.

Since my teenage years I lived and breathed technology. I learnt how to build portable radios and fix computers from my dad but when it came to spiritual side I had to explore that world on my own. I read books on Greek mythology, Zen Buddhism, Chinese philosophy and tried my first meditation at the age of 14.

I joined the corporate world after finishing university and became an IT manager in an engineering company at the age of 25 and was looking after 5 office locations and 15 people. I loved the challenge and was hungry for more.
At some point, I felt that I concurred all of the mountains of success that I could in my home town in Kazakhstan and decided to move to Australia.
I continued working in information technology but I felt that my life was unbalanced and something was missing. I started looking for answers on how to become less stressed, more happy and find meaning in all of this. I went to psychology trainings, motivational events, listened to podcasts and even participated in shamanic ceremonies slowly building my knowledge. 

One day I came across a presentation on life coaching that resonated strongly with me. Coaching combines psychology, philosophy and spirituality to help people getting where they want in life, understand who they are and overcome challenges that arise in a daily life. A few years later I had my a certificate of completion of 2-year training from the life coaching academy in Queensland and my first thank you from a client.
Because of my experience of working in highly demanding environments I chose to coach on helping people with creating the right mindset, building resilience while living an awesome and meaningful life. In my coaching, I use evidence based methods and techniques that help with overcoming challenges, getting clarity on the direction and creating a life that my clients dream about. I use a principle that my services are based on approach that consistently worked for me and has been proven to be effective with others. With that said in my coaching I create a space for a bit of magic with a practical twist. My sessions allow spirituality and connection with collective consciousness or higher self and rely on ideas from eastern traditions.

How am I different?

What makes me different from other coaches is that I believe in your ability to achieve anything you set your mind to. How would it feel to have an ally that is always on your side, supports you through daily challenges, and constantly pushes you to become better at what you do?
I am charged with positivity and optimism but I am also an honest and direct coach who will openly point out and reflect on the development areas that you need to work on.
Are you ready for your first coaching call? Hit the button below and send me a quick message with your name, email and the challenge that you want to work on.

Professionally trained

I completed accredited trainings in life coaching and NLP with reputable learning providers in Australia.

ICF Accredited

I hold the most recognised coaching accreditation with International Coach Federation requiring approved training and minimum coaching hours


I coached people from various professional backgrounds with challenges ranging from mindset and stress management to relationships and motivation

My Trainings and Certifications

The Life Coaching Academy

Inspire Education

The coaching room

International Coach Federation

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