Two best meditations

Steps for success If meditation was an instant noodles cup in a supermarket the label on the back would like this: Ingredients: timer, quiet place, meditation bench or a cushion, relaxation, openness, compassionate mind.No artificial sounds, lights, or scents are required.Preparation time: 15 + min Knowing the ingredients is not enough to make a delicious

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Benefits of Meditation

My Story How I came across meditation. Firstly let me start with the question, “Why meditate?” Meditation seems pretty useless from practicality aspect. After spending hours of siting in silence there is nothing to show for it. You don’t get to speak a newly learnt language, it doesn’t produce a product like a chair or

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These numbers may not mean anything to you just yet but by the end of reading this post I hope you remember them the next time you hit another obstacle on your way. Sir Roger Banister was an athlete and neurologist known to the world for proving that what was believed impossible could be done

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