Do you love yourself?

In a research published in 2014 by they estimate that 1 out of 4 adults in the US will never get married. The reality is that more and more of us either by choice or circumstances are single.

The pressure on singles comes in a form of workmates going to dinners with their partners, social media and so on. I want to offer you a different point of view.

With biological wiring and social programming it seems that we “have” to be in a relationship that at some point leads to a happily ever after life. And if that doesn’t happen some may consider their life incomplete or even a failure. My parents started off with asking “when will we have our grandkids” gradually moving to “dont worry you will find someone”

The thing is though I am not worried. And in fact I found that when your life is filled with joy, friends and passion it feels complete. The “Need” for someone is no longer present. And I believe is that at the centre of it is love. Love of yourself.

I am not talking about ego narcissistic self-obsession but a gentle and kind compassion. And there are so many reasons to be that way. Firstly we don’t see things how they are, we see them how we are. Without love in you all you have is an ego clinging to things on outside trying to fulfil the need to be loved. The ego will try to turn a person that you want to love you into an object in an attempt to fill the bottomless barrel of “never good enough” Cultivate that self love in you and a people will appear in our live attracted by the light in you.

Secondly if you are complete imagine what they life is like with someone who is on the same wavelength? You both choose to be with each other its no longer a “need” but a desire to share the beautiful life that you have with someone else.

And have you ever stood yourself up when you took yourself on a date? ? You can trust that you will be there when you need to. So in a way being single its an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth among so many other things.

Happy Valentines my beautiful singles and everyone else. May you find love that you are looking for ?

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