On Passion

Wake up in a morning, put your clothes on, have your coffee, sit on a train staring aimlessly on the life passing by to start another day in the chain of never ending many.

Thank god its Friday, its a pay week, holidays are coming up, holidays are over but at least its a short week, I only do this for a money but my real life is outside.

F#$% all that. You dont need that. If you happen to read this and still reading – I know there is a fire in you. I know that you are walking this planet because hundreds of your grand fathers and grand grand mothers fought sabre tooth tigers and enemy on the front line, starved to death but still by a sheer miracle lived the life to pass the spark of it to you.

So what are you doing to continue with that? How are you living your days on this planet? Are you aimlessly treading along or there is an awareness of a little fire inside you?

I hear you say but I have bills to pay and this is what I “should” do. And I understand that. I am not telling you to start a revolution. I am suggesting to you use a little spark of passion to start something big. May be not for yourself but for people around you. Start that fire and feed it slowly. Feed it deliberately with a new knowledge, new connections, new perspectives.

Go along this path with patience to yourself and trust the process. Yes things will get worse before they get better. Yes some days you will feel like its not worth it. But see the big picture. Let the fire in you be your guide. Keep on going.

I can’t wait what the new year brings for you.

Happy new year folks!

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