Alone on Valentine’s Day? 9 Fun Ideas On How To Make It Awesome

14 February can be a memorable occasion with a romantic date or a reminder of how single you are in this life. While some couples ignore this day as another attempt from retailers to get you to spend money most singles block this day from their conscious awareness.

Before we dive into your celebration ideas let’s look at how it all started. The first recorded Valentine’s Day celebration dates back to the 8th century. In the US alone 160 million Valentine’s Day postcards are sent annually. 

Singapore is the biggest V-day spender with an average amount spent between $100 to $500. Even in Saudi Arabia where this day is officially banned there is a black market for roses and celebrations behind closed doors.

This day adds to the invisible social pressure for singles who are alone on Valentine’s Day. While their coupled friends receive boxes of chocolate, flowers and cards from secret and not-so-much admirers singles are left contemplating what went wrong in their life. 

I have enjoyed singlehood for many years and can attest that just like being in a relationship its a lifestyle with its pros and cons. Valentine’s Day does not need to suck just because you don’t have a romantic partner. 

I put together 9 Valentine’s Day ideas from the easy to expert level. Read on if you want to make this day an awesome celebration of your singlehood.

Beginner Level – Taking It Easy

Buy a Gift

The retail therapy does have a positive effect on our minds. Shopping can give an immediate feeling of happiness and a sense of control. This however only works if you do not regret spending money on a newly purchased gift to yourself. 

A useful trick to save money is to keep a wishlist instead of buying something on impulse. Check if there is anything that you have been placing on hold for a while. Just be mindful of not relying on this as a go-to coping mechanism. It’s easy to fill your house with stuff you will never going to use.

Netflix and Chill Night

Singles who are focused on their career and side hustles will appreciate this option. After a long day recharge your batteries and indulge in some home-delivered meal from your favourite place. Pizza, Chinese or a burger are all great options.

Pair it with another guilty pleasure and binge-watch a new series or do a movie marathon while your taste buds are enjoying delicious food. No need to clean the kitchen after this one. Frankly, this should not be a Valentine Day’s occasion only just keep an eye on those calories.

Try A New Recipe

You can take matters into your own hands if you have already levelled up your cooking skills or the kitchen is your place of solace. Draw inspiration from recipe books, cooking websites, or YouTube videos. 

Challenge yourself with a dish that you haven’t cooked before. Also, invite friends or neighbours over, or share your culinary masterpiece at work morning tea – the more the merrier!

Intermediate Level – More Effort More Fun

Go On a Date with Yourself

The old saying “I am looking for my second half” no longer holds in a society where we value independence, self-actualisation and the pursuit of happiness. Also, you aren’t exactly half of the person are you?

The fact is that you are already in the most important relationship of your life. It is a relationship with yourself. Unlike marriage, this is a true “until death do us part”. You can’t divorce or take a break from yourself so why not have a great time with this person?

Taking yourself on a date means that you will go exactly to a place that you want, be on your own time and dress according to how you wish. This concept of dating yourself may feel strange at first however with enough time it will become normal to enjoy being alone same as dating a romantic partner. 

If you feel weird poking a steak at a dinner table on your own you can have a movie or theater night, bowling or anything you enjoy. 

Go on Holiday

Countries in the northern hemisphere have the coldest days of the year in February. In some countries this could be easily called “the national dig your car out of the snow pile day”. This is a perfect reason to go on a holiday somewhere where the sun shines, the ocean is warm and beer is cold. 

This needs to be planned for obvious reasons however there are plenty of last-minute deal sites that can help you in finding a new adventure. After all, travelling is a great idea for singles that I wrote about earlier.

Staycation with a Spa or a Retreat?

You don’t need to be on the plane for hours to have some fun when you are single. Do a staycation instead. Book a nice hotel with a spa and massage and spend a day in luxury.  While you are at it the room service is perfect to complement your stay. 

However, if wellness is your cup of tea there are day retreats with meditation, yoga and mindfulness. It’s a good way to take a break from busy life, meetings and emails.

Do a Class

Learning something new in a fun environment is a great way to spend your Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of online and in-person classes that cater for any occasion. A yoga introduction session, painting lesson or cooking class are just a couple of suggestions. 

Blacksmithing and leather craft workshops are good options if you enjoy something hands-on. This may lead to starting a new hobby and friendships.

Expert Level – Connecting Other Singles

Celebrate an Alternative Holiday

Blocking something out of our awareness like dad jokes or V-Day shopping ads can be tedious. Let’s face this on the front foot and celebrate. Something else!

Much more happens on 14 February – Library Lovers Day, Cream-filled Chocolate Day and Ferris Wheel Day. 

These are great excuses for a singles party if you plan to organise one and not feel alone on Valentine’s Day. There is a perfect occasion for that – A single awareness day! Plenty of your solo friends will be happy to join you. 

But if you have not got many single friends I wrote a post that will teach you how to meet new people.

Organise a “Secret Valentine”

This is a bonus idea for your single’s party. Think Secret Santa only for Valentine’s Day. While this may take a bit of effort it’s much easier than figuring out what your romantic partner wants as a gift. 

All you need is a list of friends and a ballpark value of the gift. You can match your friends randomly the old-school way by drawing names from a hat or using websites that can match names from the list. Another option to consider if your friends live in different parts of the world is to send virtual postcards instead. 

Final Words

With that many fun things to do, there is no need to feel alone on Valentine’s Day when you are single. But at the end of the day, it comes down to simple skill – enjoying being by yourself.

If you can’t enjoy your own company why would someone else do? I would argue that this needs to be a pre-requisite to getting into a relationship but it’s equally valuable on its own.

At some point, Valentine’s Day will become just another day as you learn to appreciate who you are.I wrote a post on how to enjoy life when you are single here. Please subscribe to my email list to stay up to date with new post of you like this content.

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