Limitless Illusion

I learnt from my own experience that humans in general suck at imagining the consequences of today’s actions on a future version of us. This ability to peer into the future is affected by many factors like our biological wiring or our state of mind. Someone who is influenced by alcohol does not fear the …

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Walk Your Journey

There is a lot of uncertainty in the air of my universe at the moment. Some of it is shared between us like wars, countries’ aggressive expansions and global threats. Some live in my immediate world of rising interest rates, team restructures and changes. The news of changes can be unsettling. Our body machinery wants …

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Slow down to speed up

Recently I found myself having low energy to focus on my work and coaching. This was a surprise as those of you who spoke to me know how passionate I am about helping people. And that’s a bigger passion than my love for pistachio ice-cream. After doing my research I came to realise that my …

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