A cheater and a thief

I started practicing taking cold showers in the morning after attending Wim Hoff’s event. Wim Hoff is also known as the Iceman and holds a number of Guinness book records for running marathons bare feet on snow and longest body contact with ice. The guy is mad, there is so much energy and fire in …

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On Passion

Wake up in a morning, put your clothes on, have your coffee, sit on a train staring aimlessly on the life passing by to start another day in the chain of never ending many. Thank god its Friday, its a pay week, holidays are coming up, holidays are over but at least its a short …

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Failure vs Learning

It is easy to see your attempts to pursue your dreams as a failure if things don’t not go as you planned. A lot of us jump on a bandwagon of quitting 9 to 5 leaving the establishment. You will hear about success stories from personal development gurus and big names. Those are only a …

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