The master of your happiness

How often do you hear or even said yourself – he or she doesnt make me happy? The interesting point is that happiness happens in your mind. Yes the external events can trigger certain emotions but ultimately you are the one responsible for your emotional state.

An example would be your favourite song if played 100 times in a row will probably start to annoy you. It is the same song the 1st and the 100 time so what is the difference? The difference of course is you. By the same token you don’t have to listen to that song or a person.

You can also learn something from the experience like asking yourself what does it mean to be happy? What this particular behaviour triggers in me that makes me annoyed, excited, sad etc… You may find some interesting answers. Annoying person may have traits of the character that you share but deny yourself the truth that you have them. Person what you feel happy to around may be reminding you of someone or feel a particular need.

The important point is – you are in control. Go you!

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